Frequently Asked Questions

Are your quotes free and will you come and see us?

Yes our sale consultants and quotes are free. We will discuss the options that will best suite you’re project requirements

  • We can give a price range but as there are so many variables in every project we would rather prefer to work out a detailed proposal
  • Your quote will be valid for 3 months

What is the building process from start to finish?

  • Initial contact to arrange a meeting and discuss the options
  • Present the proposal and agree on a time frame and figure
  • We will then organize the drafting design (if required), certification (if required), Building Services Insurance, Portable Long Service Levy (if over $ 80,000.00), specifications, contract and payment schedules. All this will be laid out for you in a simple easy format for you to fully understand
  • Introduction of the site manager and team to complete the works
  • Any variations can be discussed throughout the job and to be verified in writing
  • Completion of project and all associated council and tradespersons certificates provided to you

How safe is our property when the project is underway?

  • Buildmaster has trustworthy staff who realize that to be at your property is a huge responsibility and we take every measure to maintain security of your property including good hygiene, manners, cleanliness and consideration no only for the yours but neighbouring properties as well

What safety measures do you undertake?

  • Depending on the scope of works we will always draw a safety plan for the workers and the occupants of the site for a clean and safe site
  • For asbestos removal a qualified asbestos contractor will remove the material from site and provide a clearance certificate

How long do certain jobs take?

Again as there are so variables with certain jobs this a guide that may help

  • A new home 8 to 12 months
  • Raise and build in underneath an existing house 6 to 7 months
  • Renovation or extension generally 4 to 6 months
  • Rear deck and roof 4 to 5 weeks
  • Office partition and mezzanine floor 4 weeks

Can I choose the tiles and colour schemes?

  • Yes we have friendly and informative wall and floor tile suppliers
  • If you can get ideas from interior magazines or take photos if things that catch your eye are also good ways to bring it all together

Do you organize all the trades’ people?

  • Buildmaster takes care of all the tradespersons supervision, scheduling, safety requirements, quality certificates and invoicing

Can I supply certain products and services?

  • Yes you can provide certain products such as kitchen appliances and toilets if you prefer
  • Trades such as painting can be supplied by you if desired. We prefer not too as we still have to supervise and plan for them throughout the project but we usually can come to an arrangement depending on the circumstance

How soon can you start once I have accepted the quote?

  • Depending on the size of the job and the economic climate but usually within 3 to 4 weeks for a small medium size job and 3 months for a new home

Does my building work come with a guarantee?

  • Buildmaster definitely guarantees its work for you. We have a 6 year structural and a 6 month minor defect guarantee period along with the separate warrantees from appliances and bath fitting suppliers