1. Contact Stage – Please call we would love to hear from you – Tony 0412-889-831

Just a simple phone call or email to Buildmaster. If we can’t answer straight away we will be back in touch within 24 hrs

A simple phone call and a brief discussion to determine if we can meet your needs and to arrange an appropriate time for a meeting on site or at our office

2. The Free Consulting Stage – Yes lets work through the options

Meet on site and discuss the options. Some clients choose to have there own design and plans in place ready to go which is great and very helpful and does speed the process up but don’t worry if you haven’t we can arrange this for you as well as the council certification

3. The Proposal – Time to put pen to paper and get our thinking caps on

After all the information is gathered a formal proposal will be given outlining the scope of works and details in writing

We are very flexible and more than happy to work through different ideas and options until you get the ideal result.

Depending on the size of the job our estimating team may see the need take extra time to consult with the other trade team members to provide accurate cost effective outcome

Some trades such as plumbing or cabinetry are sometimes impossible to calculate an accurate figure so an estimated amount is allowed for these trades and that cost can rise or fall throughout the project. This way you only pay for what you get. This is called a Provision Sum

4. Acceptance – Okay let’s make a start!

With the proposal stage completed a detailed specification of the scope of works and a Master Builders Contract Association will be signed from both parties your peace of mind. This will outline a schedule of payments and time frames that is agreed on by both parties

If you’re unsure or not totally comfortable at any stage with any of the procedures we understand and only too happy to discuss any further options to suite your needs

Any changes throughout the project will be approved by you. There won’t be any hidden extra’s

At Buildmaster we aim for a long and happy relationship and that’s why we have staff and subcontractors that are well trained not only with there trade and safety requirements but are of sound character so you can rest assure your property will be in safe hands for that guaranteed amazing outcome

5. Completion – Now enjoy you’re latest investment

Now with your renovation to your home or office, your new home or that small job you have been putting off all completed it’s the realization that you have had a value for money experience

Buildmaster will sign off the project with you and provide any of the relevant certificates related to the project for future reference